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Wedding Day Photo Shoot Ideas

Choosing the right photographer and scene is one of if not the most challenging parts of

organizing your wedding. These will be memories of your special day that will be there for

you to reflect on for a lifetime. Advances in technology and a general rise in interest for the

art of photography has made many a photographer quite the pro. For this reason, many will

find it hard to decide on who to trust for their shoot, but once you have found the right

person to deliver the style and quality that you want its on to the scene of the dream.

For those who are at a loss for what kind of photos they want, we have compiled a series of

photography ideas! We have tried our best to not leave out any oddballs either, with an

effort of including what floats the boat for as many different kind of personality types.

Green Screen It: For those ready to splash some cash consider using a Green Screen. This is

used in movies, video games and photography when they can’t have the location they want

in the background or want something random happening in the background. You can have

waves crashing in, a car coming from behind, a beach, a different city…the list goes on and

on, the options are endless.

Graffiti Shoot: Find a location with awesome graffiti and do your photo shoot there. If it’s

well done, graffiti makes for some epic photography.

Film Noir: Choose a photographer with a Film Noir shadowy style and shoot for black and


Peeping Toms: Have you as the couple popping out in random places everywhere you go.

Behind tables, trees, cars, people. The more the location has to offer the more fun you can

have with this one!

Wigs Ahoy: Rent some cool wigs and have you and your guests with 70’s hairdos, as Rasta’s,

bimbos, with Mohawks…you name it!

In One with Nature: Anyone feel like tree hugging? Take gorgeous scenery photography in

nature. Use the trees, the grass, the wonderful sunset and the lakes…really make use of the

splendor of the location.

Angles: Play with angles including birds eye view! Those tend to be really powerful but

maybe more expensive but you can get drone cameras. Experiment with low angles,

crooked angles, high angles…really tell your photographer to see what he can do with the

idea of angle play.

Legendary Replicas: This can be a lot of fun, replicating famous photographs Marylyn

Monroe’s flying skirt or the Beatles crossing the road. Or famous scenes from films like from

Dirty Dancing, Grease, Bonnie and Clyde or Pulp Fiction.

Starry Skies: We know you’re starry eyed and all loved up so it calls for some starry night

photography. These images always end up being totally breathtaking, you wont go wrong

with them.

Details: Get a lot of close ups on details such as the hands intertwined or with rings. Looking

into each others eyes. Tying shoelaces, the cake being sliced, these are moments captured

intimately in this way.

Spontaneous: Ask your photographer to be inconspicuous and capture random moments.

More often than not these turn out far more charming than when posing.

Kind of Camera: Use an old camera for a grainy image or a polaroid, polaroid’s never go out

of fashion!

Props: Consider using props for your photo shoot and have a laugh, random ones like

brooms and pedal stools or more conventional ones like masks and balloons, it’s your call!

We hope that we have inspired you and given you some ideas you might like, and that you

will allow W-Limo to be in on the fun! We offer you the newest vehicles at very competitive

prices, our fleet consisting of Stretch Limos, SUV and Hummer Limo’s, Sedans, Vans and

Party Buses! We’re ready for a blast whenever you are!

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