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Unforgettable Holiday in the City of Lakes and Prairies

Whether it’s for the architecture, the museums, the nightlife or that Chicago just scores high

on your bucket list for all of the reasons above, this is a holiday that needs to be epic. Why,

even if Chicago is your home town, sometimes you just have to take a break and give your

city the attention and credit it deserves and be your own domestic tourist!

With an abundance of hot venues wouldn’t it make it that much hotter to arrive in style…

that’s where W-Limo comes in to make this holiday absolutely unforgettable. With our fleet

of high class vehicles; limousines, SUV’s, Party Buses and Vans, you are sure to stylishly

cruise around and make Chicago remember you as you are sure to remember Chicago.

Why transport is important in making your holiday unforgettable:

-Stay suave! Since limo’s never go out of fashion, trust W-Limo to take you to a fancy

restaurant, wait for you while you hit up some clubs, sightsee in comfort…

-Maybe you’re with a whole crew and you need a party bus, or you love making friends and

are planning on picking people up along the way, and want something louder and bigger

than a classic limousine. W-limo’s got your back.

-You hate crowds, want to keep it small and personal, don’t want anything too out there but

want to stay classy and comfortable, use one of our SUV’s or Vans to chauffer you around

town. Limousine’s aren’t the only classy four wheelers.

Our fleet, based on your preference and needs, covers it all.

Limo, party bus, SUV or van, even if you’re just out to grab renowned Chicago hot dogs or

bar hop, going to Millennium park for a stroll, want to see the Navy Pier, the lakes, hit up

bars and clubs…make the journey memorable. You don’t want aching feet and time wasted,

after all, this holiday is to be unforgettable.

If you’d like to book a limo for the Unforgettable Holiday send us a message or call 847 655 2559

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