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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wedding Transportation

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Choosing your wedding dress is difficult but choosing your Chicago wedding

transportation needn’t be! We have put together the ultimate guide to

choosing the perfect wedding limousine for your special day, a little list of

things in mind to bare and you’re almost there, with a ride classic or rare!

It’s like good old Cardi B says ‘I don’t really want a white horse and a carriage

I’m thinking more white porsches and carats’ well that’s probably you, girl,

looking for a classy ride to compliment your wedding day style that ranges

from cool understated to a huge party on wheels!

So here’s a list of things to bare in mind when choosing your ride that should

help you make that choice easily and make your day picture perfect.

1) Location – If you’re going for a forest wedding for instance (What?!

Never heard of a forest wedding? It’s a new trend amongst the famous,

and we’re in on it, we find it totally cool. Why forest? Why not! It’s

beautiful, it’s hip and you’re going to need a ride that gets through those

off road-ish paths, Hummer Limo perhaps guys? They look awesome

covered in mud and you wont feel the bumps in the road. On the other

hand, if you’re having a castle wedding you’ll want to consider a stretch

limo probably, or a hip restaurant or club might call for a Hummer Limo

or Party Bus, even...etc.

2) Dress code – Some people like to match their ride with their dresses, or

even cooler, to make the two clash! For example, a vintage gown with a

party bus or Hummer Limo, so unexpected yet so cool! This has become

a trend and it really makes for an effective style. A glamour queen in a

low key Sedan, or a Van, party bus…just imagine the gasps. So you have

the choice of making the ride and the look clash giving the whole

wedding a look that’s unique and hear those, ‘oh wow only they could

pull something like that off’. Or you could be the classic bride, that

wants to make her daddy proud and give the family or herself that

whole fairytale wedding look and go with the Stretch Limo you’ve had

your eye on since you were little.

3) What’s your kind of party? – Ok this sounds like a given, but far from it.

How many times have you heard couples confused about the size of the

wedding they want, whether they want just young people or all family

and friends attending, whether they just want the maid of honor and

best man and a brunch…We call for you to make this decision alone. To

not think about what other people expect from you and to just do your

kind of party, and don’t worry W-Limo can cater for your every choice.

Whether you want a party bus and your whole gang along for the whole

party or a classy Sedan for two, you won’t go wrong, as long as it suits

your personal style. If you’ve always dreamt of a stretch Limo whether

that be for two or more of you, of course this too is an option, but really

think about what you want your party to be like, who you want along for

the ride, and then choice the right vehicle for you and your hubby.

4) Budget – One unfortunate one we can’t avoid! If you are making a

wedding on a budget, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to arrive in

style. Not only have the prices of limousine rentals in Chicago gone

down, but it has also become trendy to use a classy Sedan on your

special day. Whatever you opt for, W-Limo has some very competitive

prices! You can always make a statement with something bold if it’s

really important to you and avoid greater expenditures on other aspects

of the wedding. Here it really depends on how important the ride is to

you, but it still won’t dictate whether or not your wedding will look and

ooze class. Sedan’s are very affordable and fashionable. A Party Bus is

more expensive but hey, it’s half of the party when you pack it full of


We trust that we have given you some material and ideas to think about when

it comes to making a choice about your wedding transportation. Try not to

stress and know that you won’t go wrong whatever you choose especially if

you let W-Limo cater for you since we only use the newest vehicles and bare

our clients best interest in mind at all times! With very competitive prices, we

have been serving Chicago since 1998 and promise to not disappoint you!

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