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The Perfect Bachelorette on Wheels

OK so it’s your last night out on the town to be called by your maiden name. Admit, you’ve

been thinking about it from the moment he popped the question…PARTY TIME! Well ok, no

you haven’t, but all your girlfriends have.

Whether you’re the Bride or the Maid of Honor, organizing the event, this night absolutely

has to be epic. Champagne at hand, good music, and a reliable chauffeur to get you to and

from the cool Chicago venues you’ll be partying up. No need for a designated driver, you

can all let your hair down and ride in a limousine!

Top Reasons to Party on Wheels:

- The first and most obvious…to ensure the party never stops!

- Avoid the hassle of dividing yourself amongst cabs, calling and waiting for them…

- No one has to drive, everyone can have drinks and a good time in a limousine.

- In a limo you arrive everywhere in style and as glamourous as ever.

- Last but not least, you want to make this night one to remember, forever, so you

want to all stick together and share and savor every moment.

Whether your bachelorette is a dinner party, bar hopping, clubbing, or even if you just want

to ride around Chicago in a limousine and literally party on wheels the whole time, being

chauffeured through the entire experience is a real treat. And let’s face it, riding in Limos is

simply memorable.

The perfect bachelorette on wheels is guaranteed when you book through Chicago’s limousine service W-Limo.

We have been one of the leading luxury transportation companies in Chicago since 1998, offering our services throughout the US. Our fleet consists of the following luxury cars:

- Stretch Limousine

- SUV Limousine

- Hummer Limousine

- Party Bus

If you’d like to book a limo for the Perfect Bachelorette on Wheels send us a message or call 847 655 2559

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