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The Beautiful, Elaborate Indian Weddings

Oh those beautiful elaborate festivities known as Indian weddings…did you

know that they last up to 3 days? And they are every bit colorful and surreal

due to their tradition of extensive costume, decoration and music. They differ

in ritual depending on the religion, Hindu or Sikh, but they are all special and


Indian weddings are extravagant and if you attend them you will really have

the opportunity to savor some amazing food and experience a true celebration

of love packed with music and dance, culture fused with the energy of the

couple and their family brimming. The hospitality is unbelievable, and you can

expect to learn a lot about the country’s culture.

Just a couple of fun rituals are applying turmeric on the faces of the bride and

groom, the hiding of shoes, the application of henna in which the names are

hidden for the groom to find, and the tying together of the bride and grooms

garments when circling a fire.

During what is known as Sangreet the day before the wedding a less formal

party is enjoyed where the two families meet to better get to know each other.

There are other beautiful rituals that are symbolic of the couple’s union, such

as the seven sacred steps they take together, and the hanging of flowers

around each others necks at the altar. The jewelry is breathtaking, decorating

everyone’s’ necks, ears, foreheads, feet, arms, hands…just gorgeous.

Another interesting fact is that the date of the wedding is often calculated by

using the bride and groom’s dates of birth by astrologists so that the planets

are perfectly aligned. The great Guru Sadhguru talks in his vlogs about ‘luck’

and ‘fate’ being very dependent on the planets. This is a very strong belief held

by Indians and therefore comes as no surprise that it should be incorporated in

their wedding day.

We at W-Limo are huge fans of being a part of the merging of cultures and

their celebration in Chicago, and offer to help you find the best suited

limousine for your gorgeous Indian wedding. Our fleet consists of Stretch

Limo’s, SUV and Hummer Limo’s, Vans and Sedans. Our drivers are reliable and

friendly and we hope to be a part of one of the most colorful events in Chicago

on that day.

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