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Spectacular Wedding Anniversary

No ooops I forgot, no tacky Chicago restaurant just so you can say you went somewhere ON

SUCH A BIG DAY. Come on, this anniversary is going to be spectacular.

You and your loved one made those vows and wows and isn’t it just a day worth reminiscing

about together in a wonderful way?! The opportunity to get dressed up (maybe even fancy

dress, we don’t know what kind of a party you’re into!) and do something memorable

together on the day you said to each other I promise I’ll always be there… So here you are

planning your anniversary, about to prove and show what it means to mark a special


There are so many restaurants to choose from, Chicago is bustling with Michelin Starred

restaurants and awesome things to do, whatever you’re into. Maybe you want to go bar

hopping, clubbing, a special day out at the lake, or take in the city views with some

champagne in a limousine…

Perhaps you want to see the Chicago skyline or lake-view, visit a gallery, maybe you want to

go to a comedy club or a burlesque show. You might want to have a picnic and a bike ride,

or go full class with a dinner at a top notch restaurant or high profile club. Whatever the

case, whatever your choice, W-Limo offers you full reliable service with its luxury fleet of

limousines and vehicles to compliment your forever special day.

We have special offers for couples who have used our wedding services, and if not, we are

still there to cater to your every kind of anniversary. We offer Stretch Limos, Hummer

Limos, SUV Limo’s, Party Buses, Sedans and Vans…Whatever you’re into we have a vehicle

for you to hop into! Limousines are ever an ever classy choice, but they are not for

everyone, therefore we have other options for you eccentrics with the newest rides and

reliable drivers.

Make this anniversary what it is meant to be, this is your day to honor your love and

devotion to one another, it deserves to be spectacular.

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