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Raining on your wedding day

Its raining on your wedding day? So what! Alanis Morissette may call it ironic in

her song but if you’re prepared you can still make your wedding picture

perfect, and believe it or not, the weather can even add to the charm!

Though this might be every couples’ worst nightmare, truth is the only reason

it may appear to be so is because you didn’t buy or rent those awesome see-

through umbrellas that make for a totally cool photo shoot! Or big white ones

that scream a scene out of Pride and Prejudice.

Though May and June tend to be the wettest, Chicago is known for rainy days

to be evenly distributed throughout the year, therefore it can surprise anyone.

Having a limousine around to take cover in is an obvious solution, but the limo

isn’t going anywhere, it’s the rest of the party we don’t want you to miss. So

there are these fantastic see-through umbrellas that look totally glamourous,

and the vintage look never goes out of fashion, so white frilly ones will do the

trick too! Or perhaps a bunch of plain white oversized umbrellas that will look

totally off the wall…they don’t have to be expensive, you can consider renting

them in case it rains and keep them in the limousine, party bus,

sedan…whatever it is that you’re using for wedding transportation.

Raincoats are another funky idea, this would sure make for a bunch of laughs

and giggles. Imagine you and your guests running around laughing your heads

off with these fashion must haves! It would definitely be one wedding to

remember. Don’t forget, goofy can be sexy, and raincoats are kind of goofy you

have to admit!

If you are almost sure it will rain on you wedding day, you can always have a

pop up tent with some tables set up where you were going to be outside so

that you and the guests can take cover. These are often used in England

because of the unpredictable weather and let us tell you, they can be

gorgeous. They don’t have to be expensive either, though we can’t say that

they will be cheap exactly. But if you find the right party equipment service in

Chicago to strike a deal up with, you can have that glam pop up tent at a not so

gob-smacking price. Get a little creative and you can make the interior suave

too on a budget.

So if you’re planning an outdoor wedding you’re probably in need of a back up

plan and above listed are some of our ideas to help you make it magical even

with a little rain. After all rain is romantic and you might even get lucky with a


Once you have plan B set up, be sure to remember that W-Limo is prepared to

whisk you and your guests all day and night around your venues, and if you’ve

reserved one of our party buses you’ll be sure that the party won’t stop no

matter the weather. Our fleet consists of Stretch Limo’s, SUV and Hummer

Limo’s, Vans, Sedans and Party Buses, all of which are new vehicles with

professional and reliable drivers.

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