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Pucker up Honey, Shimmer and Shine its Wedding Day Make Up Time!

Let’s face it one of the best things about being a #girl is that you get to wear

make up. If its not the distinct Amy Winehouse or Lana del Rey eyeliner that

you’re known for amongst friends and acquaintances, then its that you never

go anywhere without lipstick or you’re the first in town to have rocked red

mascara. Whatever the case, its a little trademark and a whole lot of fun.

Whether you like a more natural look or you go all Lady Gaga on us on your

wedding day, we have comprised some ideas and tips for you regarding your

make up.

So #Chicago #bride it’s time to say the big yes, and you’re tired of flicking through

magazines looking for the right kind of shade of lipstick and look, and you’re

about to throw you’re hands up in the air in resignation, grab a bottle and pull

a red lipstick face smear in your bathtub. But you have us at W-Limo who have

thought of the ways in which we can support your decision making in this

super fun girly part of the wedding bonanza.

The most obvious way to go about it would be to match your make up to your

outfit, if you’re in a vintage #dress then make the #make-up vintage, with

overdrawn lips, or red with black eyeliner, or heavy rouge and big falsies…or if

you’re going for a more modern dress a pop purple or pink lipstick or lip-gloss

on quirky red or pink lashes. There are a lot of tutorials on #YouTube these days

so you can have a look at the various looks out there by tying in what interests

you and it’s much more effective and inspirational than looking at magazine

photographs since they’re more realistic.

The less conventional way would be to have some fun getting inspiration from

your favorite films or photographs of singers or movie stars. This is fun because

a lot of the time we relate to characters in films or with the personalities of

stars. You can look through some of those images or footage and it can very

well dawn on you that that is the look that most suits your personality and

would make the perfect wedding day statement. Think Audrey Hepburn or

Brigitte Bardot, a scene from Pretty Woman or Pulp Fiction or perhaps Gwen

Stefani or Marylyn Monroe with their iconic looks.

Make sure you choose the right Make Up artist, #Chicago is full of them and so

give them a good scout out and ask around for some recommendations. Most

of them have websites so you can take a look at their look books. Your W-Limo

Chicago #limousine is at hand at all times, promising you make it to all your appointments in style and on time. We have a fleet of #Stretch Limos, #SUV and

#Hummer Limo’s, Vans, #Partybuses and Sedans, all with reliable drivers making

sure you are comfortable and safe. We are your perfect choice for all

transportation including that of the #wedding #limousine.

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