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Dealing with drunk people on your wedding

So we are all too familiar with that one friend who had one too many and is running around causing havoc…shouting, flashing, dancing on the roof of a limousine or less glamorously showing us their semi digested dinner somewhere…they have starred at birthdays, nights out in Chicago with the gang, prom after-party and yep, you know it, they have even been known to really cause a stir at weddings. Some of us have even more than just one! Aren’t we lucky! Now it’s your turn to say the big yes and when your drunken buddy isn’t a slobbering mess they are the coolest person ever so of course they are invited. Oh and let us remind you, you might even have some first timers, ones that just go ballistic randomly but have until then been the calmest of the crew. Ha, don’t even be surprised. Because we have your back, we have thought this one out and figured out the best ways to deal with these go-hard-gone-loony-for-the-night members of the pack. More often than not people by trying to deal with them add fuel to the fire because they don’t know how to handle them and the situation gets out of hand faster than you can possibly imagine. First it is important to know that people in this state do not take authority well. The harsher you are with them the wilder they get. Situation sound familiar? Alright so we’re not going to let that happen, that’s for sure, we don’t want anyone hanging from the Chandelier, that stuff should be left to happen in pop songs and pop songs only! (unless you have acrobats at your wedding for entertainment in which case we applaud you). So here is our advice and hopefully you will be able to tame that brawling jungle human that is trying to steal the microphone or is biting people’s toes under the table (we’re not even joking). First and foremost;

- Stay calm. Try to pry them away from the rest of the party so that you can calm

them down without everyone staring because this will only add to their

embarrassment or else since they know they have a loyal audience make them

scream ‘THE SHOW MUST GO ON’ and be back at whatever shenanigans they were

up to in the first place.

- Don’t argue. Trust us, they will relish at the opportunity to take you on, so whatever

you do, don’t argue. Try to get them to joke or laugh about something and make

sure the mood is chill. They are more likely to take your advice and calm down if

there is a friendly air.

- Empathize. People who cause problems drunk tend to have underlying issues, hear

them out, make them feel cared for but remind them it’s an important day and that

it’s not the time and place to talk about these kind of things, any other time you are

more than willing for hours on end if need be.

- Remind them of the SOBER THEM. If you manage to get them to recall the sober self

and make them acknowledge that they would never do something like that if it

weren’t for liquor, that they are not being their usual self, they will probably back


- Safety. Make them realize that aside from inappropriate, their behavior isn’t good

for them, and you are worried about their safety and health. Drunk people tend to

be screaming for attention and affection so give it to them in a healthy dose.

Make sure you have that W-Limo limousine or Sedan ready to take them home and may

they sleep safe and sound and promise to tell them they weren’t that bad when they wake

up howling from embarrassment.

We hope our tips are useful, and hope even more so that you won’t even need them, that

your guests will be on their best behavior and that you have the most precious day and

night of your lives! W-Limo will be waiting to sweep you away after the party in the

limousine of your choice to start your lives together in harmony. Our fleet consists of stretch

Limo’s, Hummer and SUV Limo’s, Sedans, Vans and Party buses, all new vehicles with the

most reliable drivers.

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