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Chauffeured from Miss to Mrs

Did you just get asked to be someone’s ride or die? Well congratulations, are you

ready to ride? You’re going to need the right wheels for that you know, all the event

planning and jazz before the big day takes some leg work in Chicago to say the

least! You probably want to do it in style since you’ve been elected to be someone’s

princess, and from this moment on refuse to be treated as anything less than.

Let’s start with every brides’ favorite and scariest - THE DRESS! You’re certainly not

going to buy this one online! So you’ve selected a couple of Chicago stores you want

to go try dresses on in and you’re going to take your bestie or a couple of them, your

mum, gran, dad, aunt whoever! You’re going to need transport. Taxis are

inconvenient, and far less suited to the occasion than a nice sedan or limousine. You

can all get into the bridal mood right from the beginning, and not have to worry about

parking, and no one has to be the designated driver, you can all pop champagne

the entire way!

Another reason why being chauffeured to go and look for the dress is a good idea is

because you want to be able to stay in the store at your own leisure and try things

on, twirl about and so on…fact is parking tickets need to be renewed and you can’t

always stay as long as you need, you have to re-park. Also, the vibe that you all (or

two, however many people are along for the hunt) have when being chauffeured isn’t


Shoe shopping fair lady? Let’s get you to all those stores in a limousine, the effect of

stepping out of a nice sedan or limo in front of top notch stores is so stylish, every

bride-to-be’s dream. You want to feel like a diva, and the entire preparations around

the wedding are going to be unforgettable memories too. You want them to run

smoothly so that you can enjoy the ride, both metaphorically and literally.

Now that you’re cruising around looking for dresses and shoes you could also be

checking out some wedding decorations and cakes that you’ve seen on Pinterest,

but you really want to see them in real life to be sure! Again, leave the hassle of

parking behind you, and go sweet 16 on your wedding cake.

So the Big Day has come, and we at W-Limo have been up with you’re hype the

entire way. We have a fleet of luxury vehicles at very affordable prices. We have the

newest Sedans and Stretch Limo’s, Hummer Limo’s and SUV’s, Vans and Party

buses. Serving Chicago since 1998, we understand the business very well and use

only the best vehicles and most reliable drivers. We have been on par with wedding

organizations from the birth of our company, and stay true to the high standards

we’ve set. Plus, you’re with people who are truly happy for you. We want to be there to

see you step out of that limousine looking like top class princess we’ve gotten to know

you as.

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